Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

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Episode 10: Black Tiger Steals Heart

10 Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes EnjoyableI did not expect Colleen and Bakuto to be a faction of the Hand.  If this is something straight from the comics, then kudos on the unexpected twist. While there were certain plot points that I found interesting, the overall episode took a fairly relaxed tone to get us the confrontations we wanted. Davos (Sacha Dhawan) and Danny facing this supposed “good” Hand had some of that stylized fighting I keep yearning, but it didn’t hold the necessary suspense. What’s most interesting is Bakuto’s insight on the Iron Fist, insight that isn’t exploited enough.

I was rooting for Colleen Wing’s character arc, but her turn to a not-so-accidental player in this story has made me lose interest. Maybe it’s because I really didn’t want her to play opposite to Danny; I was hoping she’d be right next to him. Davos’ role continues to baffle me.

Also, didn’t K’un-Lun’s entrance close already?



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