Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes Enjoyable

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Episode 13: Dragon Plays with Fire

13 Iron Fist Is Frustrating, Confusing, and Sometimes EnjoyableThe best parts of this whole show are back: Claire Temple, Jeri Hogarth, and Madame Gao. I believed the previous episode tied up loose ends for most of the show, but it seem Gao revealed a lot of truth to Danny. Harold Meachum’s villainous antics put everything in motion. Claire tells Danny Rand there are some things he can’t punch his way out of. I don’t understand why this is a lesson he’s learning now, after thirteen episodes! Also, once again Claire gets the most reasonable lines: “Jesus! Is there a version of this where we don’t kill someone?” The most emotionally charged scene in this episode (maybe in the whole series) is when Joy discovers her father’s wickedness. Joy’s crossroads moment as she leaves Rand, while avoiding Ward, is even sadder considering Harold attacks his son a few minutes later.

Getting to see the Iron Fist used as closely as what it looks like in the comics was cheer-worthy. I wish it would’ve happened during a less vengeful moment in Danny Rand’s arc. We’re at the end of the series, and our main character is chasing an immature vendetta, all whilst the supporting cast keeps imploring him to let it go.

The outcome is satisfactory for all characters except Danny and Colleen. The epilogue of the season made me cringe a little. My suspicions of Joy’s turn to the dark side proved true in the end, but Davos’ relationship with Gao is baffling. I guess comparing Davos to Mordo wasn’t that off-kilter.

By this point, I don’t think any of us were expecting to see K’un-Lun. I wasn’t expecting to see the gates of this mystical city open either. What I was expecting was an ending, and all I have is more questions.

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