5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

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4. Let the Secondary Roles Shine in Theaters

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Justice League will have a large main cast. Its supporting characters are expected to be numerous, as well. It’s awesome seeing Mera submerged in the deep sea, and hopefully she gets another teaser or two. The recent trailer also offers a brief look at Lois Lane, who will likely get more attention in the months to come. One character expected to appear as the film’s marketing peaks is Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. BvS trailers and those who disliked seeing him in them would argue against such a move.

Lex is confirmed to return, and the hope is that we’ll get a glimpse of him in the DCEU’s version of Arkham Asylum. Other characters to appear are Commissioner Gordon, Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, and Alfred Pennyworth. This presumably only scratches the surface as Iris West, a Green Lantern, and now Thanagarians lead the pack in speculated additions. If any or all of these DC favorites are to show up, here’s to hoping trailers and promotional materials don’t spoil the surprise. The Thanagarian theory, interestingly, is spawned from the latest trailer, whereby the Hawks are thought to be seen fighting Parademons on Themyscira. Should such an assumption prove true, few would be disappointed, especially if the mystery continues to intrigue a corner of the internet without confirmation.

All of this is to say give us more of Commissioner Gordon, tease Alfred’s role, but a secondary character’s best moments should not go to waste in a TV spot.

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