5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

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1. Superman

Superman Court Batman v Superman
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When Zack Snyder premiered the first Justice League footage last year at SDCC everyone was left asking, where’s Superman? Over the last couple of months, as promotional images and stills from the film have arrived online, fans have been questioning, but where’s Superman? They’re fair questions, often emotionally driven, and raise concerns for some. Some fans of the Boy Scout aren’t too happy with the treatment the Kryptonian’s received in the DCEU. And, so far, the marketing material for a Justice League movie, a group the character historically organizes, is not inciting much confidence.

Of course, the answer behind his absence is simple: his return has to be a surprise. “But we know he’s coming back, so not showing him seems foolish.” Such a stance is a agreeable. However, lifting the veil is problematic. Imagine sitting in the theater and being able to discern at what instant Superman will appear, based on the look of a certain scene. More importantly, the Man of Steel deserves to own a moment independent of anyone else. He deserves to be given the emotional weight many would agree he was robbed of in Batman v Superman. Quite simply, he deserves better than to have his point of return diluted by a quick cut in a two minute trailer.

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