5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

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It’s odd, right, pondering what should and shouldn’t be featured in a trailer… making a list about it… There’s one incredibly simple solution to potential spoilers being avoided in trailers — audiences shouldn’t watch them. However, that puts the burden of maintaining a film’s “secrets” on the viewer, rather than the folks responsible for promotion. After all, trailers sell movies, they put asses in seats. If that wasn’t the case, why are companies spending just as much money marketing a film as they do creating it?

The problem of previews showing too much has been an issue for several years. Incidentally, there are no signs of the trend slowing to a halt. In fact, Batman v Superman, to many, put the conversation in overdrive, as WB blew its load on the Doomsday reveal before the film hit movie screens. As such, millions sat through a two and a half hour movie waiting for the twist they knew was on the horizon to pop up. Unfortunately, the blame couldn’t be placed on social media or a so-called friend. The recent arrival of Spider-Man: Homecoming’s second trailer is arousing not too dissimilar concerns.

All of the above in mind, we’ve chosen to tackle the topic head on. Thus far, Warner Bros. seems to  have learned their lesson: the second, though first “official,” Justice League trailer is tame as far as the narrative is concerned. However, let’s recall that it was one of the final BvS trailers that regretfully spoiled much of the film in approximately three minutes. So what should the studio aim to keep under wraps? We have a few requests. Here are five things we do not want to see until Justice League hits theaters on November 17.

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