5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

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2. Steppenwolf and Darkseid 

Darkseid may be in justice league
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It’s been made abundantly clear that Steppenwolf is the League’s foe in the upcoming film. Last November, the Apokolips general’s actor was revealed as Game of Thrones’ Ciaran Hinds. At the time, public knowledge was limited to Hinds having completed motion capture and that Steppenwolf’s looks had been upgraded beyond what was shown in Batman v Superman. Here’s to hoping WB’s marketing team elects to keep the details just as minimal until this November brings in Justice League. Do we need to see him at all? Probably not. However, if it’s a tease they want to deliver, then tease they must! There’s nothing wrong with being cryptic, though.

Remember that awesome Injustice 2 trailer where Braniac was revealed as the game’s villain? Tension built throughout that trailer perfectly with Braniac’s voice over and nothing more doing all of the work. At the end, we see his blurred silhouette coming into view, before the trailer cuts to black and transitions into the game’s logo. There’s no reason Justice League can’t take a similar approach, saving Steppenwolf’s appearance for the big screen.

Darkseid is a different matter, yet one still worth considering. Reports suggest the supervillain will appear in some form or fashion in the film, courtesy of a sequence detailing the history of the Mother Boxes. However, said report is nearly a year old and things can change drastically in that period of time. Recent news of a purported update to the film’s synopsis directly name drops the Apokolips ruler; it, too, has yet to be confirmed. His presence is all but expected, but if WB could keep him and the actor bringing him to life a secret… kudos will be in order, as well as a letter of appreciation.

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