5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

5 Things We Hope Aren’t Shown in Future Justice League Trailers

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5. The Final Battle Should be an Unpredictable Wonderland of Awesomeness

Batman Superman Wonder Woman BvS
Image: Warner Bros.

This most disappointing aspect of the photo above is that prior to BvS‘ release, everyone and their mother had seen it half a dozen times. In fact, some of Wonder Woman’s best moments took place during the Trinity’s fight versus Doomsday. Said moments, every last one of them, were spoiled in the weeks leading to release. It’s parallel to a video game showing clips of a title’s final boss battle. How pissed would fans be if From Software touted a new Dark Souls with gameplay footage of the final boss? Pissed may not be a strong enough term… Why should films be any different?

Again, it comes down to a balancing act, one in which victory isn’t easy to attain. Perhaps footage from a movie’s third act should be avoided entirely, a thought that circles back to the Doomsday discussion. Hopefully, no such discussion will be broached in regards to Justice League.

The most packed entry of the DCEU yet opens in theaters on November 17.


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