Technique Jared Leto Used to Find the Perfect Joker Laugh

Technique Jared Leto Used to Find the Perfect Joker Laugh

The Joker’s laugh is iconic. No matter which iteration of the character you are thinking of, you can hear it in your head as soon as his name is mentioned. They are all distinct, funny and creepy in their own ways, and the lingering sound of it is often enough to jar anyone out of their comfort zone. Suicide Squad’s trailers have offered fans a chance to hear Jared Leto’s take on the clown’s cackling, but we may have to wait until the film releases before we get a real sense of the Clown Prince of Crime’s maniacal pipes.

During an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Leto revealed how he found the laugh, and when he knew it was the perfect one for his Joker:

“I worked on the laugh like walking around the streets of New York and Toronto,” he said. “I kinda walked around the streets and see what laugh would kind of get under peoples’ skin. If you hear someone laugh loud at a restaurant it’s a little jarring. I tried them out and I got to a place where I would laugh and people would turn around like, ‘Who is this creepy guy behind me?'”


[youtube id=”RBPwCEa-IHE”]


It honestly sounds like a foolproof method, one that has given audiences something to look forward to once Leto’s Joker makes his DCEU debut later this summer. Fans will also be patiently waiting to see how Joker and Harley’s relationship plays out on the big screen for the first time. We’ve already gotten a slight tease of what to expect in regards to their acidic affinity for one another, in an image depicting Quinn on the receiving end of a scolding Joker.

The Clown and the Jester will get their chance to shine when Suicide Squad hits theaters August 5. On August 2, you can hear the Joker when Mark Hamill reprises his role in the highly anticipated Batman: The Killing Joke


Image: Warner Bros. 


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