Marvel’s Defenders is an Aesthetically Pleasing Painting

Marvel’s Defenders is an Aesthetically Pleasing Painting

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Worst Behavior

defenders trailer Marvel's Defenders is an Aesthetically Pleasing Painting

I know understand everyone’s panicky behavior around Sigourney Weaver’s character. Plus, according to my Google search, the first use of the name “Istanbul” over “Constantinople” was in 1703. How old is Alexandra? Maybe the Mephisto theory is not so far fetched.

Let’s get back to colors, or specifically the lack of. At this point the show has established our four main character’s hues and the main antagonist’s white, but it is until this episode I realized that the show uses black, the lack of light, and a hint of red to identify Elektra, now known as “The Black Sky.”

Claire Temple telling Luke and Danny that they’re on the same side after their fight is bringing in my favorite part of these shows; Night Nurse’s take-no-prisoners attitude. While I appreciate her involvement in all this, what I appreciated more was Luke giving Danny a lesson on street-level troubles. This is stuff that Iron Fist could’ve benefited from to make it a better series.

I was apprehensive about how these four series were going to meld, but the way all these separate stories get intertwined is seamless. There’s a tremendous difference between all four shows and in this one episode we get a great merger. Also, the hallway fight scene is beautifully done, I cheered out loud.

Considering Stick and Matt’s enhanced senses, why is it taking these two blind men so long to recognize Elektra?

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