We know “let Green Arrow be his own hero.” In all fairness, he was made as a Batman copy, in an effort to increase comic book sales when the yet to be deemed Dark Knight was on break. The character is essentially a spiritual sequel to Batman.

We’ve already seen how The CW has taken that spiritual succession to another level. The first three seasons saw the flawed hero dealing with Bat-villains left and right, and were inspired by Batman Begins. There’s nothing wrong with it, and while there are naysayers, few would deny the Bat-storylines are what makes Arrow great. With Stephen Amell saying Season 5 will return to its grounded roots, here’s five Batman stories that would serve the Arrowverse well.

A lengthy holiday? A long hallow’s eve…

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    These suggestions are epic. These would make great series’. You sir, should be hired for arrow. These are amazing ideas. You are amazing. I love these. Do these for every show. I would love to see a series of these.