5 Batman Stories Perfect for ‘Arrow’ Season 5

5 Batman Stories Perfect for ‘Arrow’ Season 5

1. A Tale of Twists and Turns

Batman the Long Halloween cover art

Batman: The Long Halloween was written by Jeph Loeb (yep, of Marvel TV fame) and drawn by Tim Sale. Their story depicts early career Batman, when he’s still lone-wolfing it and growing to trust a then Captain Jim Gordon.

The narrative begins around Halloween, when the Falcone crime family suffers loss after loss to a murderer the newspapers call “Holiday.” This serial killer strikes on holidays, despite the Bat, Gordon, and DA Harvey Dent positive they’d catch the culprit before long. They don’t. What transpires is a year long mystery, which brings with it a surprise Joker appearance and the birth of Two Face.

The killer’s identity is shocking — a twist built up until the last page. If you haven’t read it, you’ll be surprised to know the murderer isn’t Julian Day/Calendar Man. In Hannibal-like fashion, Batman visits the madman a few times for insight; scenes like these are another mark of fascinating storytelling.

How could Arrow utilize this?

Stephen Amell has said the show is best when it focuses on Star City. With Diggle and Thea out, Laurel deceased, and Sara re-teaming with the Legends, Team Arrow has two members left — Green Arrow and Overwatch. Therefore, in the field, the once dubbed Starling City vigilante will be on his own. Perfect timing for a murder mystery.

It could begin with a trail of bread crumbs, leading them to presumed victory, right up until the midseason finale, where they think they’ve caught their man, or woman, but a twist reveals their error. The season could return and introduce Kevin Smith’s idea of a two-episode arc featuring Onomatopoeia and a Se7ven-like narrative. This character would take the Joker’s place from The Long Halloween. Joker pops up during the Christmas plot, only to cause chaos. To him, Gotham isn’t “big enough for two homicidal maniacs.” The clown launches a killing spree, with the psychotic thought that eventually he’d catch his maniacal rival. He doesn’t. Neither would Onomatopoeia.

Long Halloween story for Arrow’s lengthy season would require other things going on in the background. But giving the Emerald Archer a murder to solve may offer an intriguing return to the show’s simpler times.

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