Was Avengers Endgame Actually That Good?

Was Avengers Endgame Actually That Good?

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Avengers Endgame had it’s premiere last night and initial reactions are exhilarating, to say the least here are a couple of reviews which I recommend reading if you’d like a more non-nit picky take of the finale of the decade:

The first reaction tweets were also just as

Others went on to call it “perfect” the “ultimate culmination of a decade of film making” and even “the best Marvel movie ever!”.

Now, do I leave this to nostalgia? It is a satisfying conclusion, but as we were giving our first reactions to the film we couldn’t really say it was better than Infinity War. Shock and gasp if you must, but the first 2 hours of the film have a slow start and we’re not sure if it was the theatre or lack of action in those moments, but it’s hard to sit through as our hero’s navigate life post-snap. For everything that we enjoy a satisfying conclusion, many liberties were taken in terms of character arcs and timelines. We actually have far more questions at the end than we care to leave a movie with and it’s possible this could be sorted on in future films, but in a movie that is supposed to be the grand finale of an epic arc should we even have any questions?

We understand some liberties were taken from certain comic book storylines and that’s fine, but then others seemed to play by whatever rules the Russo Brothers made up in order to drive this storyline to its last breath. Whatever the ultimate goal is here we will say for some actors this is their ode to the Marvel franchise a beautiful symphony of fighting and storylines all wrapped up with a nice little bow because once it’s done for them it’s supposedly done and we say supposedly because comics are never as linear as movies, though comic books don’t age quite like actors do nor do they ever feel a need to go on to new roles, but for everything Marvel has given our main 6 actors they do give it their all in this finale. The acting is great Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johannsen, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo are the stars and it’s great to see them share that camaraderie until the end and indeed Roberty Downey Jr. is correct about those last 8 minutes.

As for the plot twists if you saw the movie and or have read the leaks please feel free to join us on r/marvelstudiospoilers to discuss because whereas Rotten Tomatoes has this movie at 98% we’re not quite sure the fans will be as psyched once they get time to digest and really think about those first 2 hours of the movie.

I know you were expecting something out of this world, but don’t consider this an official review because there is one coming up but I just thought from a fan perspective as someone who took time to re-watch most of the films before this came out some honestly and a different perspective might be useful. So either allow this review to lower your hype a bit or go in hyped you may disagree with us and that’s fine, With that said I’ll see you after Spider-Man Far From Home where I’ll hopefully have some questions answered.


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