Detailed List of ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Cut Scenes Emerge

By Brianna Reeves

August 08, 2016

Suicide Squad has been in theaters for three days now and fans are riled about what was supposedly removed. Jared Leto has spoken at length about his excised Joker performances. Despite David Ayer’s claims the theatrical cut is his, following reports of studio interference, many are inclined to distrust his words. Not due to his untrustworthiness, but because there’s hope an extended cut, a la BvS, will see a release. People are digging for the truth, and a rumored list of cut scenes has emerged reportedly giving us just that. If they are real, it explains Leto’s statement that some of his work on the Joker was Rated-R.

The following rumored list comes courtesy of a Reddit post via Collider:

A lot of this seems accurate, based on the awkward editing visible while watching the film. Wait, there’s more, much more, as Reddit user seventhonmars has also come forward with details. Their post details many of the differences between the theatrical cut and the “novelization presumably based on the original script.”

This adds more background for June Moone, and offers a bit more insight into Enchantress — something the film desperately lacked. However, what’s especially fascinating is the third point from the bottom. Batman rescues Harley, to take her to Belle Reve, and says “Joker took something important from me. It’s my turn.” That something, especially in this context, sounds remarkably like Jason Todd. If so, this means Suicide Squad had yet another tease about the murder of the second Robin.

Again, that isn’t all. The above list mentioned the ACE Chemicals scene, inarguably one of the best in the film, was an extended one. You can read the scene, supposedly in its entirety, below:

Joker points down towards the vats. Joker: “There. I was born down there.” Harley stares down. She desperately wants the same. Joker: “Would you die for me?” Harley nods. Harley: “Yes.” Joker: “No… that’s too easy. Would you live for me?” Joker smiles, scaring her. Joker: “Will you embrace me, and only me?” Harley nods vigorously. Joker: “Will you bind your spirit to mine… in hate? Do you consign your soul to me? Do you laugh at the world in disgust?” Harley: “…yes.” Joker: “Do not say this oath thoughtlessly. Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power. Do you want it? Do you really want it?” Harley: “I do. I do.” Joker: “Then goodbye, Doctor Quinzel.” Joker gestures towards the edge of the vat. Without hesitation she jumps. Joker thinks “She’s gone, forever. Problem solved.” He pauses and touches his chest. He feels something. Love? Of course not. He couldn’t see her floating face down and dying. Which was the original plan. He jumps down.

Oddly enough, in the film, it appeared to be their twisted version of nuptials. This extended the scene shines even more light on this being, perhaps in Joker’s mind, a wedding of sorts. Should this be true to David Ayer’s original script, please be true, kudos to him for nailing these character’s perfectly. It’s a shame their relationship, the way it was actually portrayed — the way it’s historically represented — didn’t make it to theaters. Surely, a team at Warner Bros. is racking their brains on how best to roll out this content. An extended cut of Suicide Squad is an easy answer that may take time and effort to execute, but it will be worth it for everyone in the end.

Images: Warner Bros.