The Dominators Land in ‘Supergirl’s’ Arrowverse ‘Invasion’ Poster

The Dominators Land in ‘Supergirl’s’ Arrowverse ‘Invasion’ Poster

“The Dominators are coming, the Dominators are coming!” is likely to be heard as Barry and Cisco make their way over to Supergirl’s Earth in her part of the 4-night crossover. With just one week to go until things kick off, The CW has released an official poster celebrating the event. In it, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter stand ready to take on the invasion. Check out the image below:

supergirl arrowverse dominators invasion poster

It’s a great looking poster, bound to give plenty of fans yet another reason to be ecstatic. However, does this means what we think it means? Why is J’onn J’onzz featured in the image if he won’t be tagging along as Kara travels to Earth-1? As far as we know, Supergirl is the only one from her Earth making an appearance in The Flash, Arrow, and Legends next week. It’s likely the Martian is there because he’ll feature heavily in the episode before Barry and Cisco’s arrival, but still…

Those thoughts aside, we can’t wait to see what the next several days of teasers entail. Two weeks ago, a Legends episode offered an extended look at the impending crossovers. Days later, a short clip of Kara meeting the rest of the Arrowverse heroes was unveiled. Now we have this awesome treat to gawk at, as the Dominators descend.

The Dominators are an intelligent alien race, concerned about Earth’s growing meta-human population. They arrive in hopes to snuff out the problem before it gets too out of control. Our heroes will band together, ensuring the invasion’s disruption and Earth’s victory. Here’s to hoping it won’t be too late.

Supergirl will tee-off the crossover event next Monday on November 28. The Flash will follow-up that Tuesday, with the Arrow’s 100th providing the penultimate episode. Legends of Tomorrow’s crossover episode will provide closure to the Dominators invasion on Thursday, December 1.

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