Amy Adams Provides ‘Man of Steel 2’ Update

Amy Adams Provides ‘Man of Steel 2’ Update

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Man of Steel 2, a film that threatens to disrupt the very foundations of how I sort my Blu-Ray collection (does it go after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, or after Man of Steel, with BvS moving among the ‘Bs’?), has reportedly been in development this summer as Warner Bros starts to map out its DC Extended Universe beyond the Justice League movies.

Yet while we’ve been drip-fed a decent amount of information regarding the DCEU’s other upcoming solo outings, with a new Wonder Woman trailer and worrying news on The Batman dropping just this past week, fans haven’t heard much about a direct sequel to the film that got the ball rolling back in the summer of 2013.

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Go on, smile! I dare you.

Finally, we have an update of sorts on Man of Steel 2 from Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams. In an interview with Hey U Guys (via ScreenRant) promoting her new film, Arrival, the actress revealed that WB is still working on a script.

“I read about Man of Steel 2 when you guys did. A lot of times I find out after the fact, which is fine, it’s completely normal, it’s not indicative of anything. But yeah, I know they’re working on a script and I know it’s in the works.”

Although Adams stopped short of confirming her own involvement, it would be safe to assume she’ll be part of it unless something nasty befalls Ms Lane during next year’s Justice League debut (like being forced to watch Suicide Squad). Henry Cavill will certainly be returning, though, and will be hoping that it fares better with both critics and audiences compared to his first Superman appearance. Back in September, his manager, Dany Garcia, said Man of Steel 2 had been “beautifully teed up” and that Cavill was on track to become “a global force”.

It seems unlikely that we’ll hear anything substantial from WB on Man of Steel 2 until next year, possibly at one of the major comic book conventions, although it seems more likely that we’ll be made to wait until after the first Justice League hits cinemas on November 17 next year.



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