6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

3. Refocusing the Initial Goal

Take a listen at the Season 2 opening monologue. “After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: to save my city.” That’s pretty much been the through-line for the series; however, it is not always what’s taken precedent. Sometimes, the show seems to veer from that initial focus. If you could hit Control-F on a TV show, Star City would pop up dozens of times each episode. But saying doesn’t necessarily beget doing.

The last couple of seasons have seen Arrow vying for the protection of the city, but focusing on different things in doing so. Sure, Ra’s wanted to bring total destruction in Season 3, yet the fight wasn’t about preserving lives, it was about gaining, wielding, and destroying unfathomable power. In truth, something similar can be said of Season 4 — just add and subtract a few things to get to Damien Darhk and magic.

team arrow 2.0

Team Arrow 2.0 comes courtesy of others wanting to be vigilantes, all for the purpose of saving their city, as well. There’s a guy in a mask running around, aptly dubbed Vigilante, offing criminals because Green Arrow’s methods aren’t getting the job done. Even the crime has been brought back down to size, as we see the team battling drugs, gangs, and other street level issues on a regular basis.

Darhk’s behavior at the end of Season 4 left Oliver Queen’s hometown in a rut. As such, Mayor Queen is tasked with rebuilding and inciting hope for a brighter future. Of course, there are scumbags taking advantage of the good work. Additionally, there are well-to-do folks that believe he’s doing his city proud. Meanwhile, others (i.e. a certain reporter) think he hasn’t done nearly enough. Star City and its citizens haven’t been given this much attention since Moira Queen’s death; even Ollie’s Mayoral candidacy felt empty at times. With this season, it’s been good to see Oliver’s effort to not fail the city being reflected in both his day job and his nighttime escapades.

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