6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

4. Upping the Ante on the Action

arrow and spartan season 5 midseason finale

Two words: Parachute Arrows.

Arrow has always been great with its action sequences, very rarely leaving anything to be desired. However, this season has seen the show raise the bar further. Over the summer, Stephen Amell teased the show would open with its most intense action set piece ever. It did not disappoint and the momentum has been kept up ever since. We discussed it during the Invasion! review, but let’s applause the Thea and Sara Malcolm/Damien kill scene, again.

Most episodes this season have had jaw dropping fight scenes, many of which are worth re-watching by themselves. But sometimes the real treats happen outside of combat. Of course, the parachute arrow comes to mind — don’t you love it when the show embraces its comic origins full on? Early in the season, Green Arrow took on Church in a spectacular helicopter sequence that didn’t look like it belonged on network cable. Ollie and Diggle’s prison break concluded with a shot that immediately induced giddiness. And there are honestly too many more to list here.

Not that Arrow needed to improve in the action department, but after four seasons things can begin to feel a bit stagnant and stale. It’s good to know the show still has plenty of tricks up its vigilante’s recently returned sleeves.

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