6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

2. The Villain Star City Needed

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Anyone else think Prometheus is also a faithful Arrow fan? Obsession is an understatement. The look, the melting down of arrows… Whoever the villain may be, they took binge-watching Season 1 to an unprecedented level.

In all seriousness, Prometheus’ overboard copy-cat revenge story is one of the primary reasons Arrow has been so great lately. Their tactics, in execution at least, are similar to that of what fans were familiar with in Season 1. This was especially put on full display in the shocking mid-season finale.

Like the Dark Archer, but unlike Deathstroke, we’ve hit the mid-season mark and are no closer to knowing who’s under the mask. While What We Leave Behind may have crossed a few suspects off the list, we have to wonder if the clues were all planted as a red herring. It’s possible and would be a nice way to drag the mystery out a bit longer.

What Prometheus has done best is remind Oliver of his dark side. This has, thankfully, been done without having the audience sit through the “woe is me… my darkness” speech five times an episode (cough Season 4 cough). Think about it this way — there is an untouchable hooded figure traipsing around the city with a bow and arrow as their weapon of choice. Most of their targets are killed and the press has given them an unbecoming nickname: the Throwing Star Killer. If this doesn’t reek of Season 1 goodness, then nothing does.


Interestingly, Prometheus is more than just a malevolent and hooded killing machine. He or she spent four years watching the Star City vigilante’s moves very closely. And it’s paid off wonderfully, as Oliver notes that a few of their combat tricks are reminiscent of things he learned from a woman whilst in Russia (Talia al Ghul, perhaps?). This indicates’ the villain’s absolute dedication and supreme focus. A story of this kind could not have been made a season-long thread if not for a show’s fifth run.

Even more fascinating is that because of Prometheus’ vengeance towards the Green Arrow, every other pillar of the show is being affected. Apparently, Ollie killed this person’s father, Justin Clayborn, courtesy of Robert Queen’s now infamous list. This not only puts the list back into play, it also brings the city itself back into focus. But said focus is not on a wide-scale; actually, this is the first big bad of the series that isn’t looking to destroy the city. Prometheus is after Green Arrow only, the city is but a catalyst to get to the hero. Here’s to hoping that with this tale of a personal vendetta, Star City for once will not be subjected to a near apocalyptic state.

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