6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

6 Ways ‘Arrow’ Season 5 is Regaining the Show’s Former Glory

6. Arrow’s Narrative is Back to Being the Talk of the Town


Remember speculating on the identity of the Dark Archer? What about all the Sebastian Blood theories and Deathstroke “oh, shit” moments? Good times. Many would contend that long-winded discussion inducing craziness has officially returned. Are the bread crumbs concerning Prometheus’ backstory legitimate? Is Evelyn’s turn believable from a logical standpoint? Is Laurel real?! All of these questions and more are making for fun water-cooler talk days after the mid-season finale.

But before getting into the big stuff, let’s talk about the little things that also count. For instance, Felicity’s response to Oliver’s reveal about Billy’s death. Also, Oliver chose to be upfront about it… no lies. Is this the same show — are these two seeing meaningful character progression? It certainly seems that way and it is most definitely appreciated.

Also worth noting is the treatment of Ragman’s reaction to Felicity being complicit in the destruction of his home during Season 4’s finale. That particular storyline was set up wonderfully, as her guilt pushed him away, but allowed him to return on his own merit. There was no need for an extensive look into the two falling out and the conflict was resolved organically.

The same can be said of the underlying arc concerning Team Arrow 2.0 learning about Oliver’s early days. Interestingly enough, their surprise at his being a murderer (cruel words, I know) affirmed the fact that much of the city believes there were three different people to don the hood. The Hood/Starling City Vigilante, The Arrow, and Green Arrow are all different folks in the minds of many. It’s a small touch not often brought up, but it’s always a nice reminder of how things have played out over the course of the series. The team’s disdain has admittedly had its up and downs; Evelyn’s betrayal is most notably the down side. However, while her set up as a Prometheus informant may need work, the results have been fascinating.

arrow season 5 a matter of trust

Now on to the insanity. The mid-season finale in its entirety helps redeem much of the show’s pitfalls, as it solidifies that Arrow is indeed “back.” The clever use of Season 1-era flashbacks, the Under the Red Hood Arrow/Prometheus scene, as well as the twists involving Billy’s death and Laurel’s return will be hot topics until the show’s January return. During a Facebook video, Stephen Amell said the latter two moments’ occurrence in the script left him in a shock he hasn’t felt in a long time. Suffice it to say, fans were of a similar mindset.

We’re also left with the mystery concerning what appears to be Diggle’s re-arrest. His call from Lila seemed off, but instinct and panic throws all judgement calls out of the window. Is his impending doom courtesy of Evelyn and Prometheus’ team-up, or is this ARGUS coming in for a rescue of sorts? Unfortunately, we have a long wait ahead to discover the truth. And that is what’s most exciting about Season 5, thus far… apart from the Laurel cliff-hanger. We had high hopes, but who knew Arrow would have us once more waiting with baited breath?

Katie Cassidy who plays Laurel has been confirmed to return, and feature on Legends and Flash, for quite some time. Many assumed it would be as her Earth-2 character, Black Siren, but jury’s still out. All in all, fans of the show couldn’t be happier. It’s not just about her return, it’s about how it, and pretty much everything else, is being handled. Arrow’s shock-factor is making a comeback with clever twists and unexpected turns. Real character progression is being had and the show is slowly getting back to what made it awesome in the first place. Here’s to hoping said capstones continue throughout the rest of the season.

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