5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

He’s Deaf!

If you read Hawkeye #19, then you know that sign language and hearing impairment are very relevant to Clint Barton’s backstory. Over the years, Clint’s hearing has been a recurring issue, which is usually resolved with special hearing aids made by Stark.

Marvel Comics

In the Netflix show, a simple reference to his standard-issue SHIELD or Stark-made hearing aids would suffice. Yet, how awesome would it be for an episode to mirror that of Hawkeye #19?

Hawkeye #19

Aside from the sarcasm, wit, and how he constantly causes himself accidental harm, Hawkeye’s ties to the sign language world is one of his most appealing traits. For those who don’t know, I am also hard-of-hearing and a sign language interpreter. The same way Charlie Cox’s Daredevil paved the way for a relatable character for blind fans, Clint Barton could prove to be the same for deaf fans. I’m sure Jeremy Renner wouldn’t mind learning a few sentences in sign language to make this part of Clint’s character come alive. He could even use it as a “secret language” between him and his kids.

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The possibilities for a Hawkeye Netflix series are endless…

So, make it happen Marvel!

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