5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

He’s a Family Man

In the MCU, Clint Barton is a family man, and while others want his family to go the Ultimate Comics route, I say embrace it. Part of the main cast should include the very brave and supporting Laura Barton. She’s an incredibly interesting character that supports her husband’s heroics while still worrying for his well-being. Linda Cardellini’s reprise of this character could fill a role similar to that of the wife of a fireman or military man.

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Hawkeye’s kids also make for an interesting dynamic. I’m not one for the overplayed “damsel in distress” plot, but sympathize for a story that focuses on a family man fighting for the well-being of his family. Laura Barton doesn’t seem too helpless, but I doubt those kids have any military training that would keep them safe from a villain.

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