5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

Base it on Fraction’s Run

Before you go on a common internet rant on how this would not work because of the Age of Ultron storyline that Hawkeye was given, hear me out:

Marvel Comics Hawkeye
Marvel Comics

Most of us can agree that we have seen the best of Clint Barton in Matt Fraction and David Aja’s 2012 Hawkeye comic book run. Although Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Hawkeye has a different backstory (we’ll get to that), the character’s essence can be kept intact. Especially since Renner is basically Clint Barton in real life. (Just watch any of his interviews.)

The book’s humor and wit can easily be translated to live-action. The book came with catchphrases and recurring jokes. “Awww, [insert inanimate object]” was one of my favorites.

Marvel Comics

The story in the comics focuses on Clint Barton’s life when he’s not being an Avenger. At first glance, that sounds uninteresting, but believe me, this arrow-throwing Avenger’s downtime is very entertaining. It brings out his good and righteous nature when trying to defend the defenseless. Does MCU’s Barton have neighbors in that secluded farm of his?

Marvel Characters Galore!


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