5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

5 Things We Want From a Hawkeye Netflix Series

Marvel Characters Galore!

A Hawkeye Netflix series should highlight Clint Barton, but think of the possibilities for his supporting cast. I talked about Fraction’s run, so everybody would automatically think of Kate Bishop, but lets save her for the eventual (and very hypothetical) second season. Think of how many people comic Barton has interacted with. A Barton-centric story can finally bring Agents of SHIELD’s characters to Netflix. Can we have Clint’s old flame Mockingbird make an appearance? Have a Secret Avengers-like back-and-forth between Coulson and Clint? (This would be the point where he learns he’s still alive.) Also, wouldn’t it be awesome to see the complicated relationship he and his brother Barney have?

Marvel Comics

Since Marvel’s Most Wanted didn’t make it to the silver screen, Jim McCann’s Hawkeye and Mockingbird series could be used as source material for this show. Adrianne Palicki’s Bobbi Morse is on the run with her ex-husband Nick Blood’s Lance Hunter in the MCU somewhere. Seeing as how Clint Barton is in a similar situation and no longer affiliated with SHIELD, these three ex-agents could unite on Netflix.

Returning to Fraction’s run, it would be amazing to see Lucky the Pizza Dog too. We know they have a dog at the farm, but I specifically want to see Lucky. (I would also like to see Cherry, but I can’t see her written into a married man’s storyline unless we see her in flashbacks.)

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In an ideal world we would also see Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow or Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch make an appearance, but that might be a tad more expensive to cover on a Netflix budget. Still, can you imagine a Budapest flashback?

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