Zachary Levi: Expect Fight with Black Adam in Shazam! 3

Zachary Levi: Expect Fight with Black Adam in Shazam! 3

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If Superman had Lex Luthor and Batman had the Joker, Captain Marvel had Black Adam. Adam was nowhere to be seen in Shazam!, and we shouldn’t be holding our breaths to see him in the next film either.

According to Zachary Levi, we should expect the big clash between Captain Marvel and Black Adam to take place in the third Shazam! film. During an appearance at the CCXP Cologne Convention (via Batman-News), Levi said:

“I can say that as far as I know, Black Adam is not going to be in the second Shazam! because the idea is that they want to go and do a standalone Black Adam movie first… And then it would kind of be if we do a third Shazam! and a second Black Adam, kind of [parallel] like that, that’s where we would [meet].”

As for why the DCEU decided to put a hold on Adam, Levi thought that it was kind of the franchise’s way of saving the best for last. Levi continues:

“[Adam is] like the ultimate bad guy for Captain Marvel, Shazam. Like [Captain Marvel and] Black Adam, they’re doppelgängers right, the evil twin to who I am. So that’s got to be like the final battle…If we do that in the second movie, then where do we go after that? It would just be a movie of us sitting around playing video games for the third one, that would be very boring. Or not [laughs]. I’m a very interesting video game player. So yeah, I think that’s the idea. We’ll definitely [cross over] — the plan is to get there, but just to pace it out however it needs to pace out.”

As of now, both movies are set to begin production with Adam looking to start early 2020 and Shazam! 2 much later in the year. With that in mind, Black Adam could get a release sometime in 2021, with the next Shazam! coming out 2022.

Of course, I’m just guessing. Hopefully we can get a solid release date come SDCC 2019 this coming weekend.


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