Watch Launch Trailer for Star Wars: Hunters

Watch Launch Trailer for Star Wars: Hunters

Marvel is gearing up for the release of their Overwatch clone with Marvel Rivals, but Star Wars had been hyping up their own clone with Star Wars: Hunters.

The game had been in development for a while, but now it looks like it’s ready to launch for mobile and Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer:

Though Star Wars does have its share of iconic characters, Hunters decided to do away with that and give us original characters that fit certain archetypes in Star Wars including bounty hunters, rebel soldiers, stormtroopers, and mercenaries. On one hand you have an ugnaught piloting a droideka, and on the other you have two Jawas in a trench coat fighting with scrapped materials.

If anything, the character choice feels like it can keep the story in the canon without having to mess with the main storyline. Marvel Rivals’ solution seems to explain that all the different playable characters just come from a Multiverse of Marvel heroes and villains so they can have all kinds of different origins and lore.

With years between the first announcement for Hunters and its release a lot of fans were starting to think that this game was going to be a dud. Then again, I like the idea of a Star Wars Overwatch clone, and since we don’t have the next Battlefront yet, it’s probably the next best thing—or you can just play DICE’s Battlefront II which is still a very solid AAA game.

Star Wars: Hunters is now available for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.


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