Marvel Rivals Console Announcement Reveals Venom and Adam Warlock

Marvel Rivals Console Announcement Reveals Venom and Adam Warlock

We spent the past month watching PC players gush over Marvel’s Overwatch clone Marvel Rivals, and now it’s time for the console gamer to jump in on the fun.

Just in, we have the reveal for the console beta of Rivals, and it also comes with a look at the gameplay of two new characters. Check this out:

The official description reads:

Marvel Rivals finally comes to PlayStation 5 and Xbox!

Venom and Adam Warlock unleash their powers! Watch as they lead their teams into an epic face-off with all-new Team-Up abilities and environmental destruction!

 Warm up your skills for the next phase of Marvel Rivals: the Closed Beta Test will be unleashed next July on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Steam!

What’s also great is that PS5 players will also get access to an exclusive Spider-Man skin. At least Xbox players can be rest-assured that they’ll still be able to play the character—unlike in other games where Spidey is only playable in PlayStation.

As for the officially revealed characters, we can see that Venom has some of Spider-Man’s abilities, like being able to swing around the map. His symbiote powers make him different as it allows him to ‘splatoon’ himself toward other players and make a huge burst of an attack.

As for Warlock, it looks like he’s a more healing-based Doctor Strange—which could make him this game’s Mercy, but it’s too early to tell.

With July still a month away, it’s possible we could get more character reveals down the line. By then we should also get a tentative release window for the actual game.

Watch out for the Closed Beta Test for Marvel Rivals when it arrives or consoles this July.


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