The Boys Showrunner Clarifies When He Wants to End the Series

The Boys Showrunner Clarifies When He Wants to End the Series

The Boys has been a pretty solid show for Amazon Prime Video, but despite its quality, it was said that showrunner Eric Kripke was planning to end it after five seasons.

Recently, a statement from Kripke (via Inverse) has fans speculating that the show could go further than the initially planned five seasons. This quote was going around:

 “No one was more wrong in all of human history about how many seasons their show was going to go than this guy. So I am not going to make that same mistake twice… Guinness World Record of who is dumbest about how long their show should go, there would literally be a picture of me.”

While speculation was already flying everywhere on whether The Boys could be extending its run, Kripke himself has decided to post about it, clarifying that he doesn’t have a solid number of seasons planned, but he does know where the story is going. He posts:

We don’t know what the change of plans could have been for Kripke’s end, but I speculate that the success of spinoff Gen V might have something to do with it. Ideally I would think that they would end the arc of the shows together, but it’s very possible for Gen V to keep going even after The Boys has finally closed the book on Butcher and Homelander’s story.

I’m just hoping they finally kill Homelander this season. I mean, he’s a great villain, but every season so far has just been repetitive in a sense that they just keep telling us how they need to kill Homelander.

Watch out for The Boys when it releases on June 13.


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