Midnight Mass Star Joins Gen V

Midnight Mass Star Joins Gen V

We know that The Boys is coming back to Amazon Prime Video this month, but fans also loved the spinoff series Gen V. We know that the show had already lost Chance Perdomo earlier this year, but they have just announced a new cast member who will be playing Godolkin’s new dean.

Variety reports that Hamish Linklater (Midnight Mass) has joined the cast for the second season of Gen V. His character is described as:

“the charismatic and charming newly-appointed Dean of Godolkin University. Trained as a scientist, he’s politically brilliant, and has the trust and admiration of officials at the highest level.”

Knowing just how nefarious the Vought machine is behind-the-scenes, it’s very possible that Cipher as a character will only have what’s best for the company in mind. Then again, with so many self-serving characters in the show, I think it would be interesting to find an authority figure that legitimately sympathizes with the students.

It’s likely that Linklater got cast because of his uncanny ability to portray a comforting figure onscreen then just slowly morph to an insane killer.

Though it wasn’t necessary for fans to watch Gen V to get into the next season of The Boys, the show did inform a huge plot point for the season—that being the supe-killing virus that Butcher suddenly has up his sleeve.

We don’t know what the series will do with it, but everyone is already hoping they finally kill Homelander this year. After all, it does look like there’s already a potential replacement for him in the form of his son.

No release date has been announced for the second season of Gen V, but you can catch The Boys  Season 4 when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on June 13.


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