Third Season of True Detective in the Works

Third Season of True Detective in the Works

The first season of True Detective remains a staggering work of art, with creative elements aligning so perfectly to weave a meticulous crime narrative. It helped that it was smack-bang in the middle of the Matthew McConaissance, and that Cary Fukunaga had such a unique vision. It’s hard to recall a better single take shot than the suburban drug bust gone wrong. Awards followed, and anticipation was high when Nic Pizzolato began working on a second season.

When it landed, despite the impressive cast, and stylish direction from Star Trek’s Justin Lin that only lasted a couple of episodes, it was largely rounded on by critics and audiences alike. For every kinetic street level shoot out and piece of Rachel McAdams brilliance, there was some god-awful dialogue spouted by Vince Vaughn – “I don’t have enough bandwidth for this conversation” — and a plot so dense it was, well, dense.

Now there’s some good news for Detectorists (Is that what they’re called?), because Variety’s reporting creator Nic Pizzolato has been joined by Deadwood and Luck scribe, David Milch, to help him map out a third season of the crime anthology series.

Details are sketchy at this point, with Variety reporting it is at the very early stages of the development process, but that the two have settled on a concept for the series.

It appears HBO wants to see if Pizzolato’s obvious talents can be nurtured with a steadying influence. True Detective Season 1 was allowed to gestate and develop underneath the radar, whereas the second case came with the burden of expectation and a release date.

Last year, McConaughey hinted at a potential return to the role of Rust Cole, but we like the idea of fresh faces and new cases, so who would you like to see teaming up this time around? Our vote goes to Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart cracking a Mexican drug cartel.

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