Spider-Man 3: Electro Spotted with Iron Man’s Arc Reactor

Spider-Man 3: Electro Spotted with Iron Man’s Arc Reactor

We’ve gotten brief looks at Jamie Foxx’s Electro in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, but a new detail has been spotted by fans thanks to some new teasers.

As pointed out by some fans, Electro is seen wearing an arc reactor—the same thing that used to keep Tony Stark alive. Check it out:


We don’t know why Electro would need an arc reactor, but this could be the reason he looks different in the film. He already had a bunch of things attached to him in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it’s possible the arc reactor is there to help maintain his more human appearance.

If anything, it’s a neat easter egg. What are the odds that each villain in the movie gets some kind of encounter with Stark tech? We know that Doc Ock gets the nano suit on his tentacles (which will likely be the reason Peter is able to subdue him); and since the Green Goblin is all about advanced tech, it’s possible he would want access to that to.

While Homecoming kind of dropped the whole plot in its trailer, No Way Home has been very sparing when it comes to reveals. While I was just hoping they would give us a multiple Spider-Men revea (because of all the leaks)l; I guess the confirmation of incoming villains is enough to keep everyone excited. Hopefully there are a bunch of other things that fans haven’t been able to figure out yet.

Catch Spider-Man: No Way Home when it swings into theaters Dec. 17.


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