The Latest Avengers Infinity Trailer Is Here!

Disney has released a brand new cut of Avengers: Infinity War Trailer to fans and it’s a lot to take in. It not only shows us long awaited interactions such as Star-Lord with Tony Stark and Peter Parker with Doctor Strange, but it also shows us the characters banning together. What we can take from the trailer is that all the hero’s will meet up in Wakanda to fight Thano’s. 

Black Panther Writer Says Tony Stark Wouldn’t Fly With Today’s Audiences

Marvel’s recent release, Black Panther, has arguably changed the landscape of comic book adaptations. Aside from being received well by viewers and critics, the movie currently holds an impressive 97% in aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, it has also tackled an issue that has yet to be touched upon by any other comic book film. In fact, in a review by The Verge’s Bryan Bishop, the movie is lauded to be Marvel’s best: