5 Most Hilarious (And 5 Most Profound) Moments on Rick and Morty

5 Most Hilarious (And 5 Most Profound) Moments on Rick and Morty

Hilarious: Get Schwifty

Get Schwifty is the pop song to end all pop songs. The next time you find yourself on the dance floor and need to bust a move, just take off your pants and your panties and shit on the floor.

Profound: Rick Reads Unity’s Letters


For a majority of “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” Rick has the time of his life with Unity, his hive mind ex-girlfriend. The ending takes a turn when Unity decides to leave Rick, leaving him with a bunch of notes. Although we haven’t really gotten much in terms of Rick’s origin (even the Season 3 premiere ended up being a fake-out), this is the closest we get to seeing why Rick is all alone. People lose themselves when they’re with Rick. This may be the reason why Morty is seeking to distance himself from his grandpa in “The Rickshank Rickdemption.”

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