5 Most Hilarious (And 5 Most Profound) Moments on Rick and Morty

5 Most Hilarious (And 5 Most Profound) Moments on Rick and Morty

Hilarious: Rick Escapes From the Council of Ricks

There is a ton of absurd, off-the-wall humor in Rick and Morty. However, I would argue few moments are as absurd as when Rick and Morty are running away from the Council of Ricks and pass through several different universes. In what may be the greatest running gag in the show ever, Rick passes through a dimension where pizzas order humans to eat, phones order chairs to eat, and chairs order phones to eat. In a sequence that also includes a universe filled with farting butts, this sequence takes the cake. Vanilla cake. No, chocolate. With strawberry on half.

Profound: Rick Sacrifices Himself

“A Rickle in Time” shows Rick, Morty, and Summer messing around with the time stream. At the end, Rick gives up his own collar that will unite their timelines and puts it on Morty. Rick and Morty is great at pulling the rug under sentimentality. At one moment, Rick accepts his death and wishes Morty will be better than him. The next moment, he’s cussing out God.

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