Where Are The Original Cast of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Now?

Where Are The Original Cast of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Now?

David Yost (Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston)

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Geeky Billy had the honour of being the longest-serving Ranger of the original five, as he appeared in all three seasons of Mighty Morphin and carried on as a technical advisor to the team in the follow-up Power Rangers Zeo.

Sadly, actor David Yost revealed in 2010 that he left the show because he could no longer stand the hurtful slurs from the production team about his homosexuality. The bullying even contributed to him attempting conversion therapy to change his sexuality. Sometime after that, once he recovered from a nervous breakdown, Yost finally came to terms with being gay.

Since then, Yost has appeared in a few roles, in TV movies like After Diff’rent Strokes and Degenerate, although he mostly concentrates on working behind the scenes nowadays. He has served as a producer on several TV series like Temptation Island and Alien Hunter, with a lot of work for the Syfy Channel.


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