Where Are The Original Cast of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Now?

Where Are The Original Cast of ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Now?

Jason David Frank (Green/White Ranger, Tommy Oliver)

Saban Capital Group/Gilbert Carrasquillo
Saban Capital Group/Gilbert Carrasquillo

If you ask any Mighty Morphin fan who their favourite Power Ranger is, nine times out of ten they will chose Tommy Oliver. The Wolverine to the others’ X-Men, Tommy was originally a bad guy before reforming and joining with the Power Rangers, eventually swapping Green for White (and later Red) to become the new leader. He also stuck around for Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo.

Unsurprisingly, Power Rangers has never really left Jason David Frank’s life and he has repeatedly come back to the show for cameo appearances. He even returned to the main cast – this time as the Black Ranger – for Power Rangers: Dino Thunder in 2004. More recently, Frank let slip that he has been in talks to cameo in the new reboot movie.

When not appearing in the franchise, Frank is an expert martial artist and MMA fighter, with a 7th degree black belt in karate and a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


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