Man of Steel 2 Rumored to be Coming Out in 2020

Man of Steel 2 Rumored to be Coming Out in 2020

Ben Affleck may have mixed feelings about Batman, but Henry Cavill has been very vocal about staying as Superman. Word has it that Cavill is planning a renewal of contract with the DCEU after the release of Shazam!. Rumor also has it that Warner Bros is working on Man of Steel 2.

This news comes from El Fanboy Podcast who says that the DCEU is planning on having Man of Steel 2 come out in 2020. Though WB hasn’t made any confirmation, a release in 2020 does seem likely. It is a, after all, like a logical slate for a movie still in early stages of pre-production.

As of now, the DCEU is taking a huge break with only Aquaman coming out this year. Next year, however, will see the release of movies like Shazam!, Wonder Woman 2, and possibly the all-female team-up film Birds of Prey.

With the news that Ben Affleck is sure that he wants to leave the Batman role, it’s reassuring that Cavill still has faith in the DCEU. Then again, like the fans, maybe he’s just waiting for Warner Bros to finally come up with a good Superman movie after Batman v Superman and Justice League.

Though those films recieved mixed reviews, many still praise Cavill for his work as Superman.

There has been no official announcement as to what DCEU movie we will see Henry Cavill’s Superman next.


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