Leto: “A Lot of” Joker Scenes Cut from ‘Suicide Squad’

Leto: “A Lot of” Joker Scenes Cut from ‘Suicide Squad’

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One of the biggest draws for the impending release of Suicide Squad has been Joker’s DCEU introduction. As many will recall, there was much contention regarding the first look of Jared Leto in the role. While his appearance took a departure from classic Joker, nearly everything else screamed Clown Prince of Crime. Leto’s method acting and fascinating understanding of the character makes it seem as if he’ll surely steal the show. Critic reviews, despite their divisiveness on the film itself, confirm as much. However, new reports suggesting studio interference and different versions of the film intimate fans won’t see all that was intended. According to Jared Leto, the latter is true.

Talking to Telestar (via CBR), the actor noted that a lot of the villain’s scenes didn’t make it past the cutting room floor. “Oh, there are a lot of scenes. There are a lot of scenes that didn’t make it to the final film,” Leto revealed. “Hopefully they will see the light of day. Who knows?”

Again, we have to wonder if this means we’ll get yet another extended cut that turns out better than the theatrical release. Perhaps these deleted Joker scenes were cut to maintain the vision Warner Bros. had in mind. If so, this means studio heads were indeed reacting to the fallout of Batman v Superman backlash. These alleged reactions also implicate the BvS drama as the reason for a certain League member’s last minute addition to the film.

Hopefully, these continued reports won’t overshadow Suicide Squad the way similar reports did BvS. However, all is not lost, there are folks who loved the film, including Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins and Kevin Smith.

Suicide Squad is quickly approaching its August 5 release in theaters.

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