Kamala Uses Her Powers in New Promo Image from Ms. Marvel

Kamala Uses Her Powers in New Promo Image from Ms. Marvel

Back in August, a promo image for Disney+’s Ms. Marvel had led fans to speculate on any changes in Kamala Khan’s ‘Embiggen’ powers, and while fans had speculated on the authenticity of the image, a new poster of Kamala has confirmed that Marvel won’t be going the ‘stretchy’ route when it comes to Ms. Marvel.

Check this out:

As confirmed by the image, Kamala body won’t be stretching in the show, and rather her powers will manifest in giant, energy/crystal projections.

There could be several reasons why Marvel wanted the change. For one, this is a series, and making stretchy powers look good in CG might require a larger budget. Another reason fans think it was changed is because Kamala’s powers look a lot like Mr. Fantastic’s, and we know that Marvel is planning to introduce that character very soon in the MCU.

Personally, I think the goofiness of the stretchy powers kind of fits Kamala’s personality as a character, but I’m sure they tested it for the show and it probably didn’t work that well. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Iman Vellani has to bring to the table when she brings Kamala to life onscreen.

No release date has been set for Ms. Marvel, but the show is expected to debut on Disney+ sometime later this 2021. A show that does have a release date is Hawkeye, and it hits the streaming service on Nov. 24.


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