It’s Official: The Transformers Franchise is Rebooted with Bumblebee

It’s Official: The Transformers Franchise is Rebooted with Bumblebee

The Transformers timeline was basically messed up beyond repair after The Last Knight came out, and everyone was wondering in what point in the lore does Bumblebee take place. As it turns out, Bumblebee is in its own timeline, and we shouldn’t expect to see the movie line up to the “Bayformers” universe.

This was confirmed by Hasbro during Toy Fair 2019 (via TFW2005) when they said that Bumblebee takes place in a “new storytelling universe.” Besides that, we don’t have anymore specific details, but this could mean a lot for Transformers moving forward.

For one, that means that was presented in the previous films can be considered null and void—Megatron wasn’t frozen on Earth for a thousand years, and there weren’t any ancient transformers existing during Medieval times. If anything, we could get a whole new Megatron that follows the G1 aesthetic that was introduced in Bumblebee.

There is also potential now for more stories that won’t be weighed down by previous ones. The problem with prequels is that everyone knows what to expect when the franchise ends, but with a clean slate, anything can happen.

I’m sure there are a lot of fans of the original Bayformers that will be disappointed. I mean, those movies made a lot of money in the box office despite what the critics said. I just think that the timeline already has enough meat in it to stand on its own. It’s time for a new generation of fans to love the Transformers.

No release date has been set for the Bumblebee sequel.


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