Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Film in Development at WB

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn Film in Development at WB

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According to a report via The Hollywood Reporter, a film starring Margot Robbie’s Harely Quinn is currently in development at Warner Bros. However, the film will not be a solo outing. It will instead involve a number of DC heroines and female villains. A few of the names being dropped are Batgirl and Birds of Prey. How much involvement those characters will have in the film is unknown, and the studio is reportedly unforthcoming with a confirmation.

THR says their sources have informed them that Robbie pushed for the project. When she was brought on board for Suicide Squad, she became enamored with the character’s backstory through the comics and eventually grew attached to DC’s stable of female characters. Robbie allegedly involved a writer to help develop the idea further, took it to WB, and the studio loved it so much that they are going with it.


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The film already has a scribe attached, who is currently working on a script, but, again, WB is keeping quiet on who it is. Although, it is known that the writer is a female, and, as mentioned before, was supposedly brought on by the Harley Quinn actress herself.

With Harley Quinn getting the bulk of the praise from the few bits of Suicide Squad we’ve seen, this idea is beyond brilliant. Originally created as a sidekick and love interest for the Joker by Paul Dini in Batman: The Animated Series, she’s come a long way and has greatly redefined what it means to be a villain/anti-heroine.

Robbie’s enthusiasm for the character, and her desire to continue playing her for years to come, will make selling the film to audiences even easier than the name alone. If Suicide Squad is the success story it seems it will be, the Harley Quinn hype is sure to be unstoppable.



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Since other DC heroines and villains are involved, could that mean we’ll be seeing Harley and Poison Ivy team up like the Harley and Ivy episode of BTAS? Perhaps the Birds of Prey are the heroes of the film, going after a Legion of Doom-esque all female squad of baddies? Okay, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. One step at a time. In the comments, tell us your thoughts and theories, and what you hope to see in the film.


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