Bradley Cooper Comments on Being Tapped to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Bradley Cooper Comments on Being Tapped to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3

The third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was greenlighted just a few days following the premiere of the sequel. However, because of recent controversy, the production of the third movie has come to a halt.

Earlier this year, Disney fired James Gunn, director of the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, after the director’s offensive tweets resurfaced. Since then, neither Disney nor Marvel has announced the replacement for Gunn.

Several names have been making their way to the news cycle. Interestingly, Bradley Cooper aka Rocket Raccoon is being reportedly pegged to direct the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Bradley Cooper recently made waves in the recent Venice Film Festival after the premiere of his movie A Star is Born. The actor starred and directed the film. With a directorial entry in his resume, the actor was recently asked in an interview with Joe whether he would be interested in directing the third movie. Bradley laments that while it would be an interesting project, he just can’t direct a movie that he didn’t write:

“In directing it? I could never direct anything that I didn’t write. No, I could never direct anything that I didn’t write.”

This is not the first time a Guardians of the Galaxy cast member spoke about the limbo the third film is currently in. In an interview with Digital Spy, Dave Bautista aka Drax revealed that the project is currently on permanent hold.

“It’s kind of a strange situation to be in now where we’ve lost our director for Guardians. Guardians 3 is really up in the air and I don’t know what they’re going to do with it. It’s on permanent hold for now, and that may make a difference in what they do with our characters in Avengers 4. To be honest with you, right now I really don’t know.”

However, Bautista explained that Marvel fans won’t have to miss their favorite Guardians of the Galaxy for too long. According to the actor, he already shot for Avengers 4 and far as he knows, his scenes have been great:

“But I know I’m in Avengers 4. I’ve shot most of it already. I do have two days of reshoots. But other than that, I have some really great scenes that I hope they use. But I guess that it remains to be seen what they’ll do with the characters.”

Similarly, Sean Gunn, James Gunn’s brother who plays Kraglin in the franchise, was recently asked in an interview with about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Sean laments that he doesn’t know much about what is going on with the production. However, he is fairly sure that Disney intends to use his brother’s script:

“I know that Disney still wants to make the movie. I know that they have every intention of using the script that my brother wrote. Obviously, that was a very unfortunate situation for everybody, most of all him, but I am also somebody who had been preparing to spend half a year making that movie and now that’s up in the air.”




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