Disney Sticking to Their Decision to not Rehire James Gunn

Disney Sticking to Their Decision to not Rehire James Gunn

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After Disney suddenly fired James Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, there was a lot of public outcry to get him reinstated; even the actors themselves published an open letter to get Gunn back. After a meeting between Gunn and Disney Studio chairman Alan Horn, however, it looks like Disney is sticking to its decision to keep Gunn out of the project.

According to Variety, Horn was said to have held a meeting ‘only as a courtesy’ to clarify things with Gunn. The meeting was said to have gone on professionally, but by the end, Disney has apparently decided not to budge on their decision.

Some fans may ask about Marvel head Kevin Feige, who was said to have had Gunn’s back when it came to the project. As it turns out, Feige was out of town during the meeting, and Feige also stands by the studio’s decision to keep Gunn out of Guardians Vol. 3.By the time he gets back, him and Disney will be looking at someone else to take over the project.

The firing of James Gunn has sparked a lot of discussion within the fan community and has forced people to think deeply about this new ‘zero-tolerance’ policy in Hollywood. No doubt a lot of people think that Gunn deserves to continue working on this project. Maybe Disney and Feige know something that we don’t.

Hopefully it all ends for the best, but I can’t help but think that Guardians Vol. 3 will forever be tainted by the question of ‘what would it have looked like if James Gunn directed the project?’

Pretty much like Edgar Wright and Ant-Man.

No release date has been set for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


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