Stephen Amell Clarifies ‘Arrow’ & ‘Flashpoint’ Connection

Stephen Amell Clarifies ‘Arrow’ & ‘Flashpoint’ Connection

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A few days ago it was reported Season 5 of Arrow would be impacted by the Flashpoint storyline of Season 3 of The Flash, according to The Green Arrow himself Stephen Amell. In previous seasons of the two DC Comics shows there have been instances when they crossover with one another apart of some larger storyline, whether that be through physical appearances or narrative direction. Therefore, it would make sense that a significant event such as Barry Allen altering the timeline would impact Arrow in some capacity.

However, Stephen Amell took to Facebook (via CBR) to clarify his supposed confirmation of a Flashpoint and Arrow connection in a response to a fan:

“Actually I sarcastically said ‘sure’…And then I seriously said, ‘I have no idea whatsoever’… but let’s go with confirm, I guess.”

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Although Amell has shot himself in the foot here by sarcastically confirming a connection between Flashpoint and Arrow to begin with, his retracting of that statement still doesn’t bring the connection off the table. With Season 3 of The Flash having just begun shooting and Arrow’s fifth season likely not far behind, it is too early to confirm anything as significant as this.

Also Stephen, we would have to disagree with you in that it is affect, not effect. Sorry.

Could we hear anything at San Diego Comic-Con later this month? WBTV is bringing 21 shows to the convention including The Flash and Arrow, so maybe we will get conformation about a Flashpoint connection then. The focus may be on Legends of Tomorrow or the next season of Supergirl, but maybe it would be wise to put these supposed confirmations to bed once and for all. Only time will tell.

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