5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

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5. A quicker turnaround

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Now it is time to address the elephant in the room, the fact that Watch Dogs took far too long to hit store shelves. After that reveal demo back in 2012, Watch Dogs was hot on everybody’s lips. Then it suffered from multiple delays and went from being a launch title on new hardware, to an after thought.

By the time it eventually released in May of 2014, the buzz and excitement surrounding the game had evaporated. The momentum slowly faded after one too many trailers and the infamous graphical dip

Therefore, what Watch Dogs 2 needs to do is, ideally, come out at this year’s E3 and pull a Fallout 4 move — show the game extensively and release it this coming November. In doing so, it will dominate the press headlines and be ‘the’ game discussed for four months leading up to its release.

Now of course it still needs to be a sound game and an improvement over its predecessor, however the lack of extensive incubation and showing it too early will do the game huge favours.

And there you have it, five things we want to see from Watch Dogs 2, but what about you? What do you want to see? Sound off below.

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