5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

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Back in 2012, Ubisoft wrapped up their E3 conference with a stellar looking demonstration of a completely new game. A year before the next generation of hardware would release, this demo was a first look at what was in store for the next generation of gaming.

The demo was visually stunning and dynamic, with impressive animations and weather effects. It looked to be ambitious in scope and a new high calibre property from Ubisoft.

Fast forward two years and the final game, titled Watch Dogs, finally released to a lukewarm reception. Many praised Watch Dogs concept, this idea of being able to hack into an entire city, but ultimately people came away disappointed. It was not that glorified demo they saw two years ago.

Well now Ubisoft has another shot at establishing Watch Dogs as a reputable franchise with the recently leaked and later confirmed sequel, appropriately named, Watch Dogs 2.

With E3 2016 right around the corner we will get our first look at the game, but before then, here a five things we want from Watch Dogs 2.

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