5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

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3. Improved driving controls

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Moving away from narrative now and looking more so at gameplay, one glaring issue that Watch Dogs had was in its driving controls. Being an open world game, Watch Dogs needed to nail driving various vehicles, but it didn’t.

Driving a motorcycle was too sensitive and felt like the whole thing weighed an ounce, to which driving cars similarly felt jolty and lacked precision. In short, driving in Watch Dogs was not fun.

Therefore, the folks over at Ubisoft Montreal need to look at internal Ubisoft games such as The Crew, or look externally at the GTA series, and take cues from games that handle driving well for Watch Dogs 2.

Maybe then completing those tedious checkpoint side missions won’t result in the destruction of multiple city blocks.

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