5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

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1. A better protagonist

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Aiden Pearce. The vengeful vigilante lead of Watch Dogs. Pearce rocks a suave brown leather jacket, baseball cap and badass bandana. But beyond being an incredibly cool looking protagonist, Pearce was a forgettable character.

His revenge fuelled campaign against those who issued a hit on him one night, killing his niece in the process, should have been very emotive. However, Pearce’s motives and feuds with sister Nicole over not seeing his nephew Jackson, who survived the hit, came across very shallow.

Why? Because Aiden Pearce was portrayed as a one dimensional character, with no depth or emotion. He came across as soulless, nothing more than a hipster looking hacker that would make for sweet cosplay.

So when it comes to Watch Dogs 2, we hope for a protagonist we actually care about. Tell a compelling story, flesh out their motivations and make them an interesting character to invest in over the course of the game. If it ends up being Pearce again, then give him depth and tap into why he is so obsessed with security and hacking.

It is implied by an audio log that Pearce and his sister were taken to the US by their mother to avoid their father, where they grew up in a rough neighbourhood and had to quickly adapt. Right there is a pool of backstory that you could tap into and add much needed layers to Pearce, and in turn tell a more engaging narrative.

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