5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

5 Things We Want From ‘Watch Dogs 2’

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2. A vigilante focused narrative

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Speaking of story, the vigilante aspect of Watch Dogs’ storyline was unfortunately very much an afterthought. There would be the occasional new bulletins or media clips that discuss this vigilante hacker either terrorising or helping the city of Chicago, however this was never brought to the forefront.

It was only toward the game’s end that Pearce began to embrace this identity, which was a shame. If in Watch Dogs 2 there’s more of a discussion on whether one man should have that amount of access and is he really using it to help others, it would be very interesting. Those sorts of questions could in turn be wrestled with within the protagonist’s mind.

Being a huge sucker for anything vigilante and currently getting through the latest season of Persons of Interest, which is almost identical in premise to Watch Dogs, it would be much welcomed to see the ethical issues of vigilantism come into play in Watch Dogs 2.

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