5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

2) Black Widow

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Marvel fans have been longing for a solo Black Widow movie in the MCU for quite some time, but so far have been left disappointed. Could Telltale potentially tap into her character’s very secretive and troubled past for a Black Widow series and quench that desire somewhat? Most definitely, especially given and Telltale have a Marvel series in the pipeline. Widow’s origin has been briefly alluded to in the Marvel movies but could really be explored in a Telltale game. How did she become this trained killer? How has that affected her attempts to live a normal life? What was her very first mission?

Natasha Romanova’s history is so rich and rife with intriguing possibilities that quite frankly Telltale could have a field day over. They could go right back to her origins as a femme fatale Russian spy and antagonist to Iron Man, or have her on a mission for SHIELD alongside Hawkeye. Whether it ties into the movies or is its own separate thing, a Black Widow series would be awesome.

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