5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

5 Superheroes That Need the Telltale Treatment

3) Blade

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Blade is a character that arguably reignited Marvel’s faith in their properties on the silver screen but unfortunately fell victim to mediocre video game movie tie-ins. Now in a time where licensing is taken more seriously in the video game space,  Telltale could tackle Eric Brooks and potentially deliver a really interesting series.

The vampire hunter’s universe would offer up a fantastical, dark and hard-boiled story that would translate well to a Telltale style adventure, especially when looking at their The Wolf Among Us series. It would also bring Blade back into the limelight and likely introduce a lot of people to him and his origin for the first time. The fact Blade was born with superhuman abilities following his mother’s death by a vampire before pregnancy, fuelling his quest for vengeance against that race, would be avenues Telltale could thrive in when telling a story. Plus, Blade is super cool and deserves to be projected back into the mainstream once again.

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